About Us…

Alkaline Certified was established with a clear goal to become the first company responsible for certifying alkaline food, beverage and whole-body products. Specializing in products manufactured in the United States, the company has close ties with national grocers that agree to proudly promote products carrying the certification. We bring an unparalleled level of experience to the industry with unmatched end user quality and design. Alkaline Certified is a corporation that is dedicated to ensuring alkaline products pH levels accurately ranges from 7 to 14 on the alkalinity scale. Our analysis is conducted through scientific research and detailed analysis.    

Mission Statement

Alkaline Certified is committed to verifying and building sources of alkalinity products, educating consumers and providing certification. We believe that all consumers have the right to know if their food is alkaline or acid based. We champion the health benefits of alkaline products and are dedicated to spreading their awareness.  

Core Values

Alkaline Certified management recognizes that the company’s main goal is to assist management in determining whether the company will be achieving its core values. The core values of Alkaline Certified are as follows:

• All consumers have a right to know if the products they purchase are actually alkaline.

• By certifying alkaline products, we have the opportunity to bring transparency to the food and beverage industry.

• Our certification system supports retailers who produce alkaline products and bring authenticity to their products.

• We establish winning relationships and partnerships with our retailers.

• Giving our expertise, time and money back to the community.  

Vision Statement…

The vision for our company is to become the trusted alkaline product certifiers in the United States and to expand internationally. Providing high quality services to manufacturers at a rapid pace. Our staff, tools and resources are dedicated to the advancement of alkalinity in modern diets. We work closely with the scientific community and food manufacturers in order to provide consumers with the best products available. Alkaline Certified represents uncompromising ethics and principles, focused on supporting those who seek wellness through proper nutrition.