Alkaline Standards

Why do we need a Standard?

The mission of Alkaline Certified is to preserve and build sources of alkaline products, educate consumers, and provide certified alkaline choices. We believe that all consumers have the right to know their food is alkaline or acid based. We champion the health benefits of alkaline products and are dedicated to setting standards for certification.

Our Standards:

To ensure consumers are confident that the products that purchase are truthful and have been certified with the highest degree of testing methods.
Our standards for food, beverage and personal care products includes all products being at pH 7.00 level on the alkaline scale.
Products cannot contain acid based products or fall below 7.00 on the pH scale.
Food products must be orgranic or derived from organic ingredients.
Meat, dairy and certain seafood products will not be considered for certifcation.

Consideration Products

Whole Grains
Organic Produce
Personal Body Care
Fronzen Foods
Beverage Products
Pantry Essentials
Nuts & Seeds