Alkaline products are in demand and the Alkaline Certified seal is the most trusted Alkaline label among consumers. Alkaline Certified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive cerification for compliance with Alkaline Certified.


Your certification is included with the following: Symbol trademark rights to Alkaline Certified logo, Ingredient Management, Audit Certificates after successful certification, Brand Equity recognition for your brand, Ongoing Personalized Service from our Alkaline Team and Client Advoacy to ensure you receive specialized customer service.



You will be appointed with your personal Alkaline Specialist who will support your company. They will give you ongoing support and ensure your products are certified, symbol trademark rights, audit certifcates, brand equity awareness and ongoing personalize service for your company.

The cost varies depending on how many products you wish to submit for certification. Please refer to our fee structure for further information regarding our fees.

On average, the process takes 3 to 5 months depending on the variables of your product and how quickly you can submit the required documentation to your Alkaline Specialist.
We will send you the art files for the Alkaline Certified seal once your product has been approved for certification. You have signed our Licensing Agreement, which outlines proper use of our name, logo and Alkaline Certified seal. Alkaline Certified seal is trademarked in the United States and can only be used in the US.

Global consumers are rapidly becoming alkaline-conscious. Purchasers navigating unfamiliar territory rely heavily on marks or seals that increase their confidence in a product’s authenticity and brand awareness.

Our seal has become firmly rooted in the minds of health-conscious consumers. Plainly put, Alkaline Certified is the most trusted name in alkaline cerification.