Alkaline Certified is the leading corporation that ensures alkaline products PH levels remain within 7 and 14 on the alkalinity scale. With over decades of combined industry experience in managing alkaline food safety systems, beverages, and whole-body products, it's no wonder why global food companies turn to us to certify their product's alkaline levels before heading to market.

Our alkaline certification services include:

● Symbol Trademark Rights

● Ingredient Management

● Audit Certificates

● Brand Equity

● Client Advocacy

● Ongoing Personalized Services

We offer fast and efficient turnaround times, comprehensive online management, and global coverage for your business. No matter the size or scope of your request, reach out to us today to start certifying your alkaline products with our premium product inspection and verification services.



Identify barriers to registration with our expert analysis on potential certification obstacles. We strive to take every possible measure to afford your alkaline products with the symbol and trademark rights they need to be 100% protected.


Our ingredient management services give you the verification needed to launch your products compliantly and safely. We will also help improve your supplier's quality management systems to maximize your supply chain and sell your food or beverage items with confidence. We work together to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve certification.


Alkaline Certified has a wide network of auditors across the United States, who share expertise in your specific field and possess sound knowledge in processing requirements, ready to provide in-depth audit certificates to certify your alkaline products, verify your level of compliance with your code of conduct and quality requirements.


We work closely with you to develop strategies that amplify your product offering in the eyes of your consumers. We'll give your brand the brand equity it needs to level-up against your competitors and encourage consumer willingness to pay premium for alkaline certified products.


Alkaline Certified is on a constant mission to meet and exceed our client's needs. No matter the size or scope of your request, we will work together to certify your alkaline products with efficiency, honesty and transparency from end to end. We take the time to listen and understand your challenges with tailored services that best meet the particular needs of our clients.


Our services don't end once the deal is done. With ongoing support and personalized services, we'll be on-hand to assist you with further questions you may have. We strive to ensure the highest level of integrity throughout the alkaline product certification process within all our assessment activities and strategic decision making.