Steps to Certification


Interested in getting your products Alkaline Certified? Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Submit your contact details to our team

Once you have submitted your contact details our Alkaline Team experts will send you an application for processing. Alkaline Certified has a team of food scientists that are experts and will examine your food, beverage and personal care products.    


Step 2: Sign the Alkaline Certified License Agreement

This agreement outlines the terms of your participation in our Alkaline Certification program, as well as the responsibilities that accompany use of Alkaline Certified’s name and certification label. You must sign a license agreement whether or not you intend to ultimately use the certification mark.    


Step 3: Complete Alkaline ingredients examination

Once you sign a contract with your Alkaline Assistant, they may request necessary documents to evaluate your ingredients. If you have high-risk inputs in your product, alkaline testing and an onsite inspection may be required. This will be determined by your Alkaline Assistant.    


Step 4: Promote Your Certification

Here comes the fun part! Now that you’re Alkaline Certified, it’s time to let the world know. The Alkaline Team will send you the certification label, and your products will be eligible for listing on the Alkaline Certified website and shopping app. We will also connect you with our marketing team, who will work closely with you to promote your products through social media and other marketing channels.    


Step 5: Annual Renewal

To ensure the highest standards of quality, your product certification will need to be renewed each year. Your Alkaline Assistant will request updated documentation reflecting changes since your initial evaluation.